Terms and Conditions

  1. The price of Dr. Earcleaner as stated on the website is leading and no other offers or promotions can be invoked as long as these are not stated on the website at the time of purchase
  2. dr. Earcleaner is not liable for damage that occurs after the product has been shipped. dr. Earcleaner ensures that the product is delivered to the delivery services in a ready-to-ship condition
  3. dr. Earcleaner is not liable for delays in delivery services and other third parties used to get the product to the consumer. dr. Earcleaner ensures that the item is handed over to the delivery services within 2 working days
  4. After purchase, the consumer will receive a tracking code to track the order, except in cases in which circumstances on the part of the carrier do not require the provision of a tracking code temporarily or permanently.
  5. All prices on the website of Dr. Earcleaner are inclusive of VAT and must be paid in advance through one of the offered payment methods. In the case of bulk agreements, this provision can be deviated from
  6. If for whatever reason the payment of the product has not been successful, but the shipment has already taken place, this is a delivery subject to retention of title. Ownership will not transfer until the full amount has been transferred to Dr. ear cleaner
  7. dr. Earcleaner offers a guarantee on the operation of the spraying mechanism and the mechanical operation of the various threaded parts. Damages due to improper use on the part of the consumer, Dr. Earcleaner not liable for
  8. Disputes about purchase are submitted to the Subdistrict Court in Rotterdam

Terms of delivery

  1. dr. Earcleaner tries to deliver the products within 7 working days at the latest and makes use of transport by third parties.
  2. dr. Earcleaner is not liable in case of force majeure. Force majeure exists if, due to an external circumstance outside Dr. Earcleaner can no longer reasonably be expected to take action.
  3. When purchasing the product, the costs of transport are included in the price. Return costs are borne by the buyer
  4. Delivery takes place via one of the three larger parcel delivery companies: PostNL, DHL or DPD. dr. Earcleaner reserves the right to choose any of these options at its sole discretion. Nevertheless, this does not exclude the use of another transport service under certain circumstances.

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