• Bekend

    Al meer dan 3500+ units verkocht aan consumenten, zorginstellingen en groothandels.

  • Veilig

    De kracht van water samen met onze veilige opzetstukken garanderen een veilige behandeling.

  • Snel

    U wilt snel weer goed kunnen horen. Snelle levering is daarom onze prioriteit.

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  • "Fixed my stuffy ear in five minutes"

  • "Normally I went to the doctor for this. But that is no longer necessary"

  • "Wow... I didn't think this would work so well"

  • "I can hear like never before! Never knew I could hear so badly due to accumulating earwax"

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Clogged ear?

Do you suffer from a closed ear due to accumulating earwax? This can prevent you from doing everyday tasks and, moreover, a closed ear causes a lot of discomfort, including damage to the vestibular system. with dr. Earcleaner's patented ear syringe quickly and painlessly clears your ear canals of earwax and you hear like never before!

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Unlike using cotton swabs which only push the earwax further and can damage the eardrum, Dr. Earcleaner 100% safe to use. Our blue attachments are designed so that you can never get too deep in the ear.

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  • Fast

    The pulsating power of water dissolves wax in minutes.

  • Comfortable

    Easy to install and then just add water. It's that simple!

  • Painless

    Pulsating water instead of hard pressure provides a comfortable treatment.

  • Sustainable

    dr. Earcleaner is made of 100% recycled plastics and lasts several times.


Due to the unique auricle of Dr. Earcleaner, you never have to clean up or see dirty earwax water yourself. Our system ensures that the dirty water ends up directly in the sink!

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A quick earwax solution, delivered to your home!

We understand what our customers want

Fast home

dr. Earcleaner is a partner of several major delivery services in the Netherlands and chooses the fastest option for you. Within 2 days you will have Dr. Ear cleaner at home!

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