About us

Who are we?

For some it is the normal course of business, for others a somewhat vulgar activity. Your ears and hearing are one of the most valuable tools for experiencing life in its full glory. Why shy away from taking good care of it!

The idea behind Dr. ear cleaner

I remember well that on an average Wednesday afternoon, after some fidgeting in my ear, I suddenly found myself completely closed. However small the problem may seem at first, the consequences for me were huge. Daily activities such as paying at the cash register were spontaneously more annoying than ever because I barely understood anything with my right ear. At the end of the day, I made an appointment with the doctor who could help me at the earliest Friday afternoon. After walking around with a closed ear for three days, I asked myself whether this could not be done differently. With this in mind, in 3 years I have developed a product that has wiped out all my problems. Now I want to spare other people the pain, hassle and embarrassment of a plugged ear with Dr. ear cleaner.

Instructional video