Remove earwax yourself

Do you want to remove earwax yourself at home? Sometimes making an appointment with the doctor feels like an unnecessary big step. Oh well, it's okay. My ear is closed, but that will resolve itself in a few days? However? Well not always. That is why it is good to consider the different ways how you can remove earwax at home.

Choose the appropriate method of earwax removal

Removing earwax yourself is not something that happens every day and many people are familiar with it. When choosing a way to remove earwax, it is important to consider the method you have in mind. Most methods do not remove the earwax, but only move it. There are also methods that irritate the ear canals, causing even more earwax to be produced. Both methods that you want to stay far away from. It is therefore best to look for a method that irritates the ear canals as little as possible and actually removes the earwax from the ear. Of course, you also have to take into account the dangers that some methods of removing earwax entail.

The safest and least irritating method is rinsing the ears to remove the earwax. You may already know this method from your doctor. A quantity of water is then injected through the ear. This loosens the earwax and flows out of the ear canals with the water. Although this is the best method of earwax removal, you should make an appointment with your doctor. Fortunately, there are also products with which you can achieve the same result at home. With a so-called ear syringe you can also clean your ears with water. This way you can easily remove earwax yourself at home.


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This way you can still easily clean your ears yourself. Removing earwax at home has never been so easy!

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