What is earwax?

What is it?

Earwax is made in the ear canals. It contains glands that produce earwax. Earwax is a greasy sticky substance that also contains talc and old skin cells. Although many people find earwax annoying, it is also important. The earwax protects the skin in the ear canals and the eardrum. The earwax helps to prevent dehydration. In addition, the earwax offers protection against bacteria and fungi because of its acidity. These are killed because the earwax is acidic. The earwax also protects against dust. Because dust sticks to the earwax, it prevents the dust from getting deeper into the ear canals. Normally, the earwax comes out on its own. You don't notice that. However, it is possible that you make more wax than others or that you suffer from accumulating earwax.


How does a blocked ear develop?

A clogged ear occurs when the earwax cannot come out properly. The ear canals continue to produce earwax even when enough is already present. As a result, more and more earwax enters the ear canals and a plug is formed. You may be more likely to experience a plug in the ear if you have narrow ear canals. The amount of hair in the ear canals also influences this. In addition, you significantly increase the chance of a clot if you use cotton swabs. This will only push the earwax further into the ear canals. The use of ear protection or hearing aids can also cause more earwax. If you suffer from hard earwax, it is not recommended to pick your ears. This irritates the ear canals and produces even more earwax.

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