No more dirty ears!

In this article you can read how you can prevent earwax from accumulating in your in-ear earphones.

Many people who use in-ear earphones know the problem. Over time, earwax accumulates in the grids of the ears. A not so pleasant image and also not very hygienic. But what can be done about it now?


How does it come about

As discussed in a previous article, the ear canals continuously produce earwax. That's nothing to worry about. That is very common and good for your ears. This is because dirt and other bacteria are kept out. As more is produced, earwax will naturally come out of the ear. When you use earphones, the earwax is pushed into the grids of the earphones. This can be at the expense of the sound quality and lifespan of the device.

Regular cleaning

Soiling your ears can be prevented by cleaning the ears regularly. This means cleaning the ear canals. Pushing back the earwax only has the opposite effect. The best way to clean your ears is to rinse them. This will loosen the earwax and allow it to drain out of the ear canals on its own.

In short: earwax is very normal, cleaning is possible, but not pushing back

Therefore, rinse the ears every now and then and you will see that your ears get a lot less dirty. This way you get the best out of your hearing as out of your equipment!

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